CAYL Catalyst Webinar Series

Episode #17

July 7, 2022 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm ET

Activating Anti-Bias Approaches

CAYL Catalyst - Webinar Series, Episode #17

Dr. Valora Washington, CEO & President of The CAYL Institute

Keynote: Louise Derman-Sparks, Author, Educator, & Consultant in Anti-Bias Education

Panelists: Debbie LeeKeenan, Author, Lecturer & Consultant in Early Childhood Education
Nadia Jaboneta, Pedagogical Leader, Pacific Primary School


Innovate … Activating Anti-Bias Approaches. What does it mean to be Anti-Racist? Anti-Biased? Inclusive? How can we take these ideas and incorporate them into ECE policy, curriculum and the classroom? Join the conversation with our diverse panel of ECE anti-bias experts as they share innovative methods on how to apply these concepts into actionable steps and approaches.

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Nadia Jaboneta


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