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We are Community Advocates for Young Learners, or CAYL.

Our purpose is to organize, equip, and empower people to create change on behalf of children.

Our vision is a nation where the right to high quality early care and education is embedded in public policy, professional practice, and familial engagement.

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Representative Leadership

Involving people in decisions that affect them.

Commitment to Diversity

Ensuring all voices are heard and bridging multiple perspectives.

Focused on Solutions

Embracing responsibility to create sustainable change.

Impact and Innovation

Taking action that is timely, relevant, and immediately actionable.

Building and Sharing Knowledge

Creating and disseminating strategic information to be used and understood by everyone.

“Look what happened to me! It’s important where we started – before CAYL - we brought passion to this work, in different areas of early childhood. The opportunity to change our voices from participants to advocates to activists is what CAYL did. The number one impact of CAYL for me is asking the question: who is benefitting from the adversity and failure of others?”
Jeri Robinson, Schott Fellowship '04
“I gained so much personal value from coming together with CAYL Fellows. And, even more, so many of our ABCD staff participated in CAYL; this leveraged our organization’s strategic growth and effectiveness.”
Sharon Scott Chandler, Schott Fellowship '05
"The personal and professional relationships I first established as a Schott Fellow in 2006 have connected me to a network continuing to create positive change for children, their families, and their communities. Those experiences have also built my ability and confidence as a leader, mentor, and avid lifelong learner."
Kitt Cox, Schott Fellowship '06
“Being part of CAYL was a strong way for us to develop relationships, work collaboratively, be respectful and move the work forward. Coming together will help us have the thinking partners we need to advance the change we need for present and future generations!”
Jennifer Amaya-Thompson, Schott Fellowship '07
“The best parts of the CAYL fellowship: the networking, as well as the information and professionalism I gained by being a part of it. It helped me to apply what I learned and connected me to a lot of work that I continue to do. It was a real boost to my leadership and ability to mentor others.”
Clarence Little, Schott Fellowship '08
“Being a CAYL Fellow provided the spark that I needed to get unstuck and move forward in my career. The ability to delve deeply into issues and collaborate on meaningful projects with a group of dedicated, knowledgeable and committed colleagues refreshed my own commitment and inspired me to become more engaged in advocacy and bigger-picture ideas."
Nancy Toso, Schott Fellowship '09
“When working with Wean CAYL Scholars leadership and teachers, the outcome was pivotal when they were on the same page. It was such a game changer working with CAYL. We were taught to take a step back, breathe, and discover what the multiple layers of change are. Having worked with both schools and community programs, we really impacted families in the community as a whole."
Pam Perrino, Wean CAYL Scholars Advisor '10 - '11

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