What We Do

  • We equip leaders in early care and education to be architects of change for all children.
  • We bring people together to make these changes a reality.
  • We advocate for public policies increasing high quality outcomes for all children.
  • We focus on issues that are timely, relevant, and actionable.

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Who We Are


A nation where the right to high quality early care and education is embedded in public policy, professional practice, and parental engagement.


Our purpose is to organize, equip and empower people to create change on behalf of children.

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How You Can Help

The CAYL Institute does not receive any federal or state funding. Our services and programs rely entirely on the generous financial support and voluntary service from citizens around the country.

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The  CAYL Institute  

47 Maple St. Milton Ma. 02186
Our Phone: (617) 354-3820
Our Fax: (617) 354-3823
Inquiries: info@cayl.org
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