CAYL Catalyst Webinar Series

Episode #25

April 6, 2023 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm EST

ECE PRIDE: Getting Organized For Social Change


So far in 2023, the CAYL Catalyst Webinar series examined ECE Pride – from the remarkable educators invested in this great career, to the incredible impact that we make on the world. But how can we use our voices to come together to create change? How can we get others involved to make waves for ECE?


Now is the time to channel our pride into advocacy as we get organized for social change! Join our panel as they share their work and lessons learned for organizing the ECE field for unity.

Webinar Recording:
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Contact Information:

Amy O’Leary

Adele Robinson

Francia Wisnewski


Dr. Valora Washington, CEO & President of The CAYL Institute


Amy O’Leary – Executive Director of Strategies for Children

Adele Robinson – Principal Associate at Abt Associates

Francia Wisnewski – Director of Membership at NAFCC


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