Metro Boston Good Jobs Challenge Child Care Sectoral Partnership

Project Kick Off

November 1, 2022

Metro Boston Good Jobs Challenge Child Care Sectoral Partnership

Project Kick Off


As of October 2022, the childcare industry is still down over 100,000 jobs compared to pre-COVID levels, and pre-COVID the childcare workforce was already incapable of meeting the needs of families. Childcare employers are unable to identify the talent they need to meet current demands, resulting in empty classrooms with children waiting to enroll due to shortage of staff. In addition, when new educators are hired, they often need additional professional skills development to thrive in the workplace.  In addition, employers struggle to offer the quality jobs that will attract or keep recently hired educators. This all leads to a supply of talent that is not keeping up with attrition as well as turn-over due to workplace challengers.

The industry needs a pipeline that can source, develop, train, employ and sustain new talent at the scale of the demand, and the capacity to move current talent into higher positions.

The Good Jobs Metro Boston will focus on building a Workforce System that can source hundreds of educators while building a system that can sustain and expand our work beyond the three years funding affordable us by the Department of Commerce.

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Dr. Valora Washington, CEO & President of The CAYL Institute


Trinh Nyguen: Director of the Boston Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development

Commissioner Amy Kershaw: Department of Early Education and Care Commissioner

Wayne Ysaguirre: Chief Workforce Innovation Officer


Good Jobs Challenge Press Release (The CAYL Institute)