changing the game for
generation alpha:

teaching and raising young children
in the 21st century


by Dr. Valora Washington


Become a game changer.

“Generation Alpha” applies to children born between 2011 and 2025. Raised in smaller and constantly evolving families, they are more tech-savvy, globally connected, and diverse than previous generations, and they will live and interact with more generations than their elders. Because of these differences, the next generation, the economy, and the nation are transforming in ways that adults have never before experienced. 

In Changing the Game for Generation Alpha Valora Washington identifies six inevitable mega-trends that are transforming our world and invites you to consider how to advocate for and influence the trajectories of this next generation. Dr. Washington aims to support and inform the two principal groups of adults in children’s lives—early childhood educators and families.


In Changing the Game for Generation Alpha, Valora Washington sets forth a challenge. Will we be bold enough to dare to intentionally choose a game changing social system anchored in equity and led by a mobilized citizenry? Will we cherish the changed demographic of the country, thus embracing ALL children, their empowered families and the potential of government policies based on caring for each other? Washington offers several perspective altering keys to success. If we start now, there is hope!

Jerlean Daniel, PhD, Early Childhood Education Consultant

Valora Washington has identified six powerful, transformative megatrends that have the potential to reshape and refocus the way in which we think and talk about early childhood education, as well as race, gender and class. She writes that it is a book of hope and activism and that is true, it is also a book about leadership, raw courage and truth to power.

Maurice Sykes, author of Doing the Right Thing for Children: Eight Qualities of Leadership

Respected and well-recognized disruptive innovator Dr. Valora Washington offers a guide through the chaos, challenging readers to choose hope with action. Standing at a threshold when ‘we know more than we do,’ Dr. Washington identifies transformative ways forward that are hiding in plain sight.

Kitt Cox, co-founder and coordinator, North Shore Postpartum Help

A timely book that invites us to consider in positive terms how a transformed world can be possible. Framing her case using current trends and data, Dr. Washington builds a foundation of optimism and possibilities. While many challenges remain, she is a firm believer in that next generation – the Alphas – who have the rigor, skills and hope to make a better world for all.

Luis A. Hernandez, Early Childhood Education Specialist

Dr. Valora Washington

CEO & President