CAYL Catalyst Webinar Series

Episode #23

February 2, 2023 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm ET

ECE PRIDE: A Great Career

CAYL Catalyst - Webinar Series, Episode #23


Yes – there are deep and systemic concerns about our field – but the work that Early Childhood Educators do is so valuable that we must share that news, too! Just what makes ECE a great career? How can we celebrate the practitioners who have remained resilient and optimistic throughout a pandemic?

Join our panel to celebrate ECE Pride as we have a lively discussion surrounding ways to make the work of Early Childhood Education even better.

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Rachel Robertson
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Angie Cocca

Wayne Ysaguirre



Dr. Valora Washington, CEO & President of The CAYL Institute

Rachel Robertson, Vice President of Education and Development for Bright Horizons

Angie Cocca - Lead Educator, Bright Horizons

Wayne Ysaguirre, Chief Workforce Innovation Officer, The CAYL Institute

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