International Study Tours

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

April 25-30, 2010

This tour strove to help better understand the academic, social, emotional, policy and practice issues encountered by immigrant children in Massachusetts. The Dominican Republic visit illustrated these challenges.
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Puerto Rico

October 13-18, 2007

Cambridge, MA and Puerto Rico –Thirteen educators from across the state traveled to Puerto Rico as part of the Schott Fellowship Immigration Initiative from October 13 to October 18, 2007. This Initiative strives to create a better understanding amongst educators and policy makers about the academic, social, emotional policy and practice issues encountered by immigrant and s migrant children in Massachusetts.

The participants focused their attention on the unique issues, strengths and challenges of young children who are immigrants/migrants or are the offspring of immigrants/migrants in Massachusetts. The purpose of the immigration project and study tour was to define critical issues impacting the development and learning of these young children; articulate policy recommendations which would improve their quality of life and share the lessons learned in order to advance these policies.

The Immigration Initiative was a year-long effort to explore the issues of immigration and migration in Massachusetts.  The initiative included extensive review of the literature as well as two major roundtables involving over 100 Massachusetts leaders. Participants explored   how immigrant children are fairing in Massachusetts; how dual language acquisition impacts academic learning; how services are currently organized by the state and community organizations to support newcomers; why most Latino students are faring poorly among their peers on assessment tests; and what practices make sense for such a diverse population of young children as is found in classrooms across the state.  The study tour also included a hands-on experience via educational visits and structured dialogues with families, immigrant/migrant serving organizations and schools in both the Greater Boston area as well as in San Juan, Puerto Rico.