Vibrant Voices in the Valley


The Vibrant Voices in the Valley initiative is a partnership between The CAYL Institute and The Raymond John Wean Foundation. Vibrant Voices in the Valley positions The CAYL Institute to serve the Mahoning Valley as a strategic convener dedicated to supporting the collaborative leadership development of committed and strategically positioned local professionals with the unified and underlying goal of strengthening and supporting family engagement in programs that serve children and families within the Mahoning Valley. By building the capacity of local community leaders, we will ensure that the work that is done is sustainable and replicable. The project works with a cohort of select recipients of grants from the Raymond John Wean Foundation and other key organizations/people.

Vision and Scope

Vibrant Voices in the Valley is designed to facilitate meaningful family engagement in the broad spectrum of programs and systems that serve children from birth through age eight and their families in the Mahoning Valley.


  • Build public and sector leadership as we facilitate the development of concrete strategies, tools, and cohesive plans of action for participants to implement within their schools/programs; We will build the capacity of schools, community-based organizations, and programs to act as partners with families;
  • Enhance quality, standards, policies and practices for programs serving young children and their families; We will seed and grow a community of practice around family engagement;
  • Strengthen connections as we facilitate opportunities for family engagement in ways that support a child’s social and academic growth;
  • Support community revitalization and economic growth by intentionally engaging and including diverse family voices in decisions that impact their lives; and
  • Advance system changes within and across communities to create more seamless, coherent and collaborative experiences for children/families.

Community Impact StatementCapture reading to kids

The capstone of the cohort’s collective work together during the Vibrant Voices in the Valley initiative is the creation of the Mahoning Valley Community Impact Statement (please see below), a document that reflects an analysis on the impact of the Vibrant Voices in the Valley partnerships and the impact our work has on the community and the local school and education systems.

Community Action Plan