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The CAYL Raymond John Wean Principals Scholars Project 2010-2011

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The CAYL Raymond John Wean Principals Scholars Project is a learning community for elementary school Principals in Mahoning and Trumbull counties to strengthen their individual and collective capacity to lead   their schools and to influence policies that affect the education of all elementary school children.  The Project   provides a substantive-long learning experience in three parts:

  • Spring 2010 site visits, cohort meetings  and goal setting discussions, using the CAYL Principals Toolkit;
  • Summer 2010 participation in the CAYL  National Conference for Elementary School Principals;
  • Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 site visits and cohort meetings to facilitate implementation of the goals set for their schools.

The project includes local trainings/seminars, site visits, field trips, and opportunities for Principals to build community with their peers on the local, state and national levels.  The focus of the project is to support those Principals and their school districts in assessing the needs of their early care and education environments; to identify goals and strategies for responding to them; and to provide them with tools that build their capacity to lead change in their own schools.

The 2010-2011 Wean Principal Fellows:

Matthew Bowen, Principal -Damascus Elementary, Salem, Ohio

Pete Morabito Principal – Western Reserve, Youngstown, Ohio

Mary Lou Bristol R&I Coordinator, Title 1-Lakeview, Cortland, Ohio

Denise Ormerod Assistant Principal of Instruction, Warren, Ohio

Joe DiLoreto Principal -Jackson Milton Elementary, North Jackson, Ohio

Treva Pytlik Principal –  Lincoln Elementary, Warren, Ohio

Christine Gibowicz Principal – Willard, Warren City, Ohio

Dani Burns Warren City Schools – McGuffey Building, Warren, Ohio

Mary Fran Jones Special Ed. Gifted – Lakeview Elementary, Cortland, Ohio

Scott Taylor Principal – Lakeview Elementary Cortland, Ohio

Bob Walls Principal – Campbell Elementary, Campbell, Ohio

Amy Mabbott Principal – Knox Elementary, Alliance, Ohio

Architects of Change Toolkit

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The CAYL Institute believes that early educators must take action and become architects of change.  Building on the Principals and Educators Toolkits, this video and workbook looks at how to create a shared vision and knowledge base in order to construct collective strategies that will result in sustainable change for young children.  In addition to practical reference and resource materials, this toolkit provides insights from experts and practitioners in the field.


Policy Papers and Publications

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Vibrant Voices in the Valley: A Community Changing for Children, 2016

The 2016 Mahoning Valley Community Impact Statement

Opening Pathways: Strengthening Opportunities for Massachusetts Early Educators Who Are English Language Learners, December 2015

Back to School: Who is Caring for Your Young Children? (NIEER blog Preschool Matters), 2015

Finishing the Job We Started: The Next Best Step in Early Childhood Education, 2016

by Jeffrey Gross (MIRA Coalition) and Valora Washington

Architects of Change – The CAYL Principals Fellowship: The Experiences and Impact of the CAYL Principal Fellows, 2009

Building Momentum and Taking A Stance- Massachusetts Early Educators Advancing the Field, 2013

by Valora Washington, Brenda Gadson, and Kate Amel

Elementary Principals Go to School to Learn About Pre-K Practices

by Linda Jacobson

Final Report of the 2007 Puerto Rico Study Tour,  2007

First, Do No Harm! Toward Developmentally Appropriate Practice, 2009

Leadership Pathways for Early Education: Community Strategies to Enhance Professional Development

by Valora Washington, Tamara Bates, and Theresa Mayberry Dunn

Leading Together: Communities of Color as Architects of Justice for All Children in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2003

by Valora Washington

Persistent Disparities: The Impact of Race and Class on Young Children – And What Michigan Can Do About It, 2009

by Valora Washington

Recommendations of the Massachusetts Early Education and Care and Out–of-School-Time Workforce Development Task Force, 2008

co-chairs Amy Kershaw, Peg Sprague, and Valora Washington

Role, Relevance, and Reinvention: Higher Education Programs in the Field of Early Care and Education, 2008

by Valora Washington

The CAYL Principals Fellowship in Early Care and Education: Evaluation, 2013

by Valora Washington, Brenda Gadson, and Kate Amel

Where Do We Go From Here? Building a Movement on Behalf of Young Children, 2004 (from The American Prospect)

by Valora Washington

Young Minds Matter: A Summit to Address the Social and Emotional Well being of our Youngest Children,  2006

The Schott Fellowship in Early Care and Education

Bringing It All Together: Enchancing the Early Childhood Education Workforce, 2009
Case Studies of Cape Cod Child Development (CCCD) and Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD), 2008
Cornerstones: Strengthening the Foundation of Health and Safety in Early Education and Care, 2007
Ensuring High Quality Education for All Children in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2005
by Robyn Carter, Lori Cox, Joseph Martin, and Yvette Rodriguez
Making it Work: Creating a Professional Development System in Massachusetts for the Early Education and Care and Out-of-School Time Workforce, 2005
Prioritizing Health and Safety in Early Childhood Programs: A Wise Investment in School Readiness,
by Sonia Carter, Jeannie Parkus, and Pamela Tames
Recognizing Quality: Building A Quality Rating and Improvement System that Works for Massachusetts, 2008
Schott Fellowship for Early Care and Education: Immigration Project and Education Study Tour, 2007
Steps Forward: Creating a Quality Early Education and Care and Out-of-School Time Workforce 
Transporting Young Children in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2009
prepared by Valora Washington
Where Are the Men? Promoting Gender Diversity in the Massachusetts Early Childhood Workforce, 2009
by Just Holm, Rolland Janairo, Theresa Jordan, and Nida Wright

Voucher Study

A Study of the Massachusetts Child Care Voucher System: Impact on Children, Families, Providers, and Resource and Referral Agencies, 2008

by Valora Washington and Mary Reed

Massachusetts Child Care Voucher Study: Phase II, 2008

by Nancy L. Marshall and Valora Washington

The Massachusetts Child Care Voucher Study: Progress and Possibility, 2009

by Valora  Washington


Architects of Change Toolkit

Conversations about vision, knowledge, and strategy that will help us become, lead, and sustain change for young children.

Educators Toolkit

A Partnership Toolkit for Early Education • Promising practices that every early educator can use to support developmentally appropriate learning for young children.

Principals Toolkit

Five promising practices that every Principal can use to support developmentally appropriate learning for young children.

Vibrant Voices in the Valley DVD

This video chronicles the CAYL Wean Scholars Fellowship and the amazing people who dedicate their lives to ensuring that all children are provided a solid foundation to build their future upon.

Conference Programs

What Really Works? Impact and Innovation for Young Learners, 2012

Strengthening Communities through Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Learners, 2011

The 2nd Annual CAYL Institute National Conference for Elementary School Principals, 2010
Ready Schools: Your Leadership in Systems that Help Young Learners to Thrive

Young Learners in America’s Schools, 2009

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